Maui Fishing Prices

The difference between a private boat and a shared boat is just that. With a shared boat you are sharing the boat with others. Our boats are 6 passengers max. Shared boats are a way to cut down the costs with going fishing.  You will usually draw numbers for a pole and then rotate through when you start hooking up. A private boat is when your party takes the boat all to yourself. You may take as many as 6 passengers but you get every pole on the boat. Share prices are cheaper, but privates mean you get to catch ALL the fish

Sport fishing in Maui is one of the least expensive activities you will do. No kidding.  I’ll break it down for you. If you want to parasail for 10 minutes it’s $70, if you want to rent a jet ski for an hour it’s $150, if you want to get a surf lesson it’s $80 for an hour and if you want to go on a snorkel boat it’s $150 – $200 for 2 to 4 hrs. When you go sport fishing you get an 8 hour boat ride where you see dolphins, whales, sharks and other islands. Plus you get the experience of a lifetime catching Hawaiian game fish.  We will filet up your catch for you and give you enough fish for you to take back to your hotel or condo and BBQ. A Mahi Mahi filet in a grocery store is about $16 a pound! You can do all of this for around a couple hundred bucks

No Problem 37’ Merrit Classic  Fishing Boat

New Rates effective June 1, 2016

Shared Price – Full Day – $270 Plus Tax
Private Price – Full Day – $1350 Plus Tax

Standard sales and harbor tax are applied when you book. We will also do any custom trips that are requested with a private boat booking.

During busy season (November – April & July – September) we tend to book out our boats 4 to 5 days in advance and we have a lot of repeat customers. We often have people come fishing with us and then book the boat for the next week!  Please make your reservation early so we have time to plan your trip. With our boats we don’t just show up and take you out like the rest of the other fishing boats. Our captains will check weather report, where the fish have been, sea condition and we will go bait fish for you. Call 808-250-6563 to reserve your shared or private trip or go to our reservations page and fill out your info and we will contact you within 24hrs to set up your trip.

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