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Big Game Fish of Maui

blue marlin caught in maui

Pacific Blue Marlin

Pacific Blue Marlin, the granddaddy of them all. Widely considered the greatest game fish you can catch due to its massive size, strength and the show it puts on while being caught. Blue Marlin range in size from a 100 lbs to thousands of pounds. Marlin will bite off of lures, live bait or dead bait. We have had success from catching the smaller tuna such as aku and rigging them up as live bait but trolling artificial lures work very good with Blue marlin as they mimic small fish and squid.Blue Marlin are found in tropical and subtropical regions. Rarely in shallow water, the Blue Marlin prefer the deep blue seas. They have blue top shading gives way to a silvery white bottom. The distinctive bill of the marlin is an extremely course texture somewhat like sand paper.

Most people who have had the extraordinary opportunity will tell you that catching a giant Pacific Blue Marlin is one of the greatest moments of their lives!


Mahi Mahi (Dorado)

Mahimahi fishing in Maui HawaiiMahi Mahi is by far the most popular game fish caught while deep sea fishing in Maui and Hawaii. Their numbers are many and their growth rate is speedy. Mahi are some of the most colorful fish you will ever see. Light blue, green and yellow flying through the air! Mahi Mahi often put on an aerial show when caught. This is also some of the best tasting fish you will eat on Maui. Mahi Mahi usually travel in schools and often when you find the school you can catch as many as 30 Mahi in just a matter of hours. The female Mahi Mahi have more of a rounded head and the bull males have more of a blunt head. The males are also usually much bigger.Hands down the best way to fish for Mahi Mahi is with live Opelu. Our boats will bait fish for Opelu any chance we get. If we are trolling with Opelu next to a boat that is trolling lures it usually ends up with the other boat frustrated because our charter boat is full of Mahi Mahi and their boat is empty. A live Opelu in front of a Mahi Mahi is like putting a candy bar in front of a 5 year old, they can’t resist it. Again, lots of boats claim they live bait for fish but there’s only a handful that truly do it and we’re 3 of them.

Extreme fishing maui catches an ahiAhi (Yellowfin Tuna)

Also known as Yellow fin Tuna for massively obvious reasons the Ahi is probably the most popular eating fish in local Maui restaurants. It’s a fantastic fighting Hawaiian game fish that likes to run down and give anglers a tough time getting it back to the boat. Ahi is one of many species of tuna, but widely the most popular. They eat mostly smaller fish and squid. Although any Ahi over 30 lbs is considered a prize (usually called a Shibi), most Maui fishing captains will only boast about Ahi over 100 lbs. When fishing for Ahi we use live bait, dead bait and lures. Live bait tends to work best.





ono wahoo fishing on mauiOno (Wahoo)

Ono are fast and aggressive. Their feeding method consists of racing up to its pray and slicing through it with its massively sharp teeth. Ono are usually found in shallower water than other Maui game fish. Ono in Hawaiian means delicious which is how most would describe their meat. Averaging around 25 lbs the Ono is a summer fish that is prominent in the months April through October. Ono will bite on live bait, dead bait and lures and we’ve had great success with both styles.




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