Extreme Fishing Maui Answers


Why Extreme Fishing Maui?

Extreme Fishing Maui is totally dedicated to making sure you have the best Maui fishing trip possible. We are proud to put you on the boats with the best and most driven fishing captains in Hawaii. These are some of the only boats around that will go out at midnight the night before your trip to catch live bait for you. This is without a doubt the BEST way to catch big game fish in Hawaii. Also, we are not a booking agent located on the mainland. We are Maui residents that will meet most of our customers and take their pictures and make fishing video for them. Why would you book anything from someone who doesn’t even live in Hawaii?

Where are we located?

As you can tell by our daily catch blog, we are located in Lahaina harbor. We will be there to make sure you have the time of your life! Don’t be fooled by other “booking” companies located on the mainland that have no idea how their boats did the day before. We are the “real deal”, and can keep you up to date with how the current fishing trends and conditions are here in Maui.

Should I make reservations?

You should make your reservations for your Maui fishing trip as early as possible. It would suck if you wanted to go and had to settle for your second choice of days. Also, it gives the captain and crew plenty of time to plan for your trip.

How many people can go on a boat?

There is a maximum of 6 people on our fishing charters.

 An 8 hour trip?

OK, your chance of catching fish on an 8 hour trip……pretty darn good. You have your best chance of catching fish on an 8 hr trip with an early departure and live bait……as good as it gets.

Do you guarantee we will catch fish?

NO. No one can do that, however we will do everything we can to catch fish. If you want to see how often we catch fish, check out our blog.  Our captains and crew want to catch fish even more than you do!

What time should we depart in the morning?

If you’re doing a private trip then you can leave whatever time you want, but we would strongly suggest leaving early(3:00-4:30 am depending on the time of the year). Our captains and crew leave early for a reason, to better the odds of catching fish. Remember that our captains usually head out to go catch bait for your trip at midnight, to make sure you have the best chance of a great fishing trip. So, 3:30 is not really THAT early.

Should I book a private trip or a shared trip?

If you want to catch all the fish then book a private. If you want to share the fish then book a shared boat. Shared trips saves money but there’s nothing like catching all the fish.

What’s the cancellation policy?

48 hours

 What if the weather is bad?

It’s the captain’s call the morning of the trip. If they think the weather will affect the fishing or be dangerous then we will reschedule you. If you are worried, tell us and we’ll do our best to inform you of the forecast and work with you to make your trip happen.

What kind of fish might we catch?

The 4 main fish we catch are Mahi Mahi, Ahi, Ono and Pacific Blue Marlin.

What’s the best time of the year for fishing?

Good question, we catch fish all year long.

What method of fishing do you do?

The captains go bait fishing the night before the trip so we usually have live bait on the boat. If we can’t get live bait then we use dead bait. The bait fishing depends on the moon cycle so sometimes we can’t get it. Most of the time we can. We come back in from bait fishing and pick our passengers up between 3:00 and 4:30. We then head out to the fishing grounds that are about 2 hrs away so we are there by first light. Everyone gets on the boat and gets comfortable, most go back to sleep while we run out to the fishing grounds. When we get there we wake everyone up for the action!

What are FAD buoys?

Fish aggregation devices. Basically working as an artificial floating reef attracting fish. Fish gather there so we fish there.

Do we need a fishing license?

No, Hawaii does not require a fishing license for recreational fishing.

What should I wear?

Where warm clothes in the morning. It’s early and sometimes cold. Then when the sun comes up you’ll be most comfortable with shorts and a t-shirt.

What else should we bring?

Bring all the food you want for a day at sea. There are NO stores out there. You can always take extra food and drinks off the boat but you can’t get more if you run out. Adult beverages are welcome. Don’t forget sunscreen, sun glasses, hats and cameras.

Do we get to keep any fish?

We are more than happy to cut up some fish at no charge for you to have for the bbq. We are very liberal with our fish but please don’t ask for ALL the fish. Trust me, you’ll be happy with the fish we give you. Any fish caught are property of the boat captain, as he is the holder of a commercial fishing license. Besides there is no place in Maui that does flash freezing to ship your fish back home.

Where do we park?

Call and ask if you are not sure.

Am I going to have a great time?

You sure are!


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