The Best Fishing Boat in Maui …

…ah yes, the fishing boats ! The best charter fishing options in Hawaii !


Photo by Charlie Osborn Photography

“NO PROBLEM” Maui’s most famous charter fishing boat.


The No Problem could be the finest fishing vessel you will ever fish on! No Joke! From its authentic feel to its natural vibe you can’t help but realize you’re fishing on a piece of history! The No Problem is a 37′ Merrit with clout. The birth of the Sportfisher! An avid fisherman. Buddy Merritt built what he perceived to be the perfect fishing boat. The first of his 37-footers were totally lacking the luxuries taken for granted today. They were built for one purpose: to raise and catch fish. In all, 13 of these famed 37-footers were built, and 12 survive to this day. The No Problem has gone through a full make over in mid 2010 including rebuilt engine transmission and interior work. The large back deck of the No Problem is ideal for the live bait style of fishing that we do. The No Problem is also equipped with Pennand Shimano rods and reels.


“NO PROBLEM” Captain Terry “Killer” Kellan at the wheel.

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Photo by Charlie Osborn Photography


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