Where bigger does count

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Some charter companies claim to catch big fish, but we hold the world record !

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On May 31, 1982, angler Jay de Beaubien caught the biggest Pacific Blue Marlin ever recorded by the International Game Fish Association while he was fishing aboard “No Problem” ¬†captained by Bobby Brown.

The bite took place at approximately 1 p.m. while they were trolling a silver and blue Kita lure off Kona, Hawaii. According to the angler’s account, “All hell broke loose with that first run.” Within minutes the fish had emptied the spool. However,despite several strong runs and the immense size of the fish, de Beaubien and the crew had the the fish boat-side in just 40 minutes.

Not long after, the crew officially weighed the 1,376-pound blue marlin, bringing the All-Tackle record back to Kona where it has remained ever since.